What is Onexcess?
Onexcess is a platform to access your fitness and hobbies.

How onexcess works?

Onexcess is a platform where user can access more than 40 activities. Choose your activity, select your date and time, filter your location. You will see many events of the activity near to your location. Explore the event and book your session.

There are two model to book the session.

PAG (Pay as you go) : You have to pay for what you use. Single entry pass for a session to enjoy the activity.

Icon: PAG 

Monthly : Enjoy number of sessions/ month, Look for your subscription icon on the event and you are ready to book the session.

Trail :Icon T        10 sessions/month

Explorer : Icon X     25 sessions/ month 

Enthusiast : Icon E    25 sessions/month

Master : Icon M          25 sessions/month 

If your subscription icon is not there, No need to worry you can always opt PAG even if you are monthly subscribed with us.

A pass with unique id will generate to your account and that can be visible once you are logged in via web and mobile under pass section. 

User and facility owner both will receive the information of each other via sms and hence a bond will create between user and service provider before meet. User need to carry a photo id to complete the verification process.

How to register on onexcess?
Due to high demand, we’re an invite based platform since we want all our members to have an excellent experience. You can request an invite at  Onexcess Partner  and as more partner studios come online we will get in touch with you regarding the registration process.

How do I search for session around me?
Once you visit the schedules page, the select location button allows you to enter any custom location and radius in which you want to search for classes around you. We have thousands of exciting options for you to choose from.

Is there any restrictions to number of visits to a particular studio?
There is no restrictions to the number of visits its applicable as per your subscription plan.

What do I need to carry to my session?
You must carry the details of your booking along with a photo identity card to the facility you are visiting.

What happened if I don't get the pass after booking?
The system will always generate a pass once you are logged in In an exceptional eventuality of pass not being reflected on the mobile or website. Please find it on your all mail box otherwise call our customer support center on +91-9643210311

What if I failed to attend the session I booked?
In case of monthly subscription you can cancel the booking 3 hours before the start of session. There is no cancellation policy for daily booking.

Can I transfer my booking to third person?
Since the access to the facility is based on photo identity card hence the third party transfer cannot take place.

Can I cancel my monthly subscription midway?

Got more questions?
Write to us at info@onexcess.com or call us at +91-9643210311